Why should I create a PORTONOVO account?
Your personal PORTONOVO account enables you to get the latest news updates about us, and buy the best Italian clothing. Now, who doesn't want that? 

Why does your website ask me to confirm who I am? 
We know it's annoying to confirm you are you. Although we strive to keep things stupid simple, where it concerns your money we would like you to confirm it is you behind the computer and not your funny colleague or your cat chasing your mouse. 

Does having an account mean I will be informed about all news updates?
Actually... no. If you are seriously interested, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates sign up for the newsletter. If you would like to be informed about special products in the future, email us and you will be informed personally via email. 

I want it gift wrapped, is that possible?
Yep. In fact, leave a little note for us in the cart with your order and we will write a personal letter with your order. We believe every item is a gift, whether it is for yourself or for someone else.

How do I share a product with my friends? 
If you want to share a product, go to that product, click on one of the share buttons and spread the word!

Can I add a personal note if I send someone a gift?
The fact that this question is here already indicates the answer is Yes. In the first step of the checkout procedure you will be have the opportunity to add some words. We will turn these into the coolest handwritten note.

I got an 'Whoops! Something has gone wrong' now what?
We hate those because our website should work properly. We would appreciate it if you contact us and try to reproduce your clicks and actions that eventually led to the error. It would help us improve the quality of our online service. 

Can we communicate 'in het Nederlands?'
Tuurlijk (Yes, you can).  

I noticed you make quite a few English misstakes - sorry mistakes.
That could very well be and we apologize upfront. We're a bunch of simple Dutch chaps and we do our utmost not to offend native English speakers and readers. If you run into sentences that actually make you shiver, don't hesitate to contact us. We can learn!

I called you, but you didn't answer the phone.
Could it be that we're not in the same timezone? We're from Amsterdam, that means Central European Time. Normally we answer the phone from 11 am to 5 pm on weekdays, from 11 am to 5 pm on Saturday and from 1 pm to 5 pm on Sunday. You can also send us an email or visit us. 

What payment options does PORTONOVO accept?
In terms of payment opportunities, you came to the right place. Not only do we support all global payment methods like credit cards and PayPall, but also all relevant and preferred local methods in Europe(iDeal) are covered. You will be asked to make your choice in the last step of the checkout procedure.  

What do you do with my personal information?
Apart from getting your orders and requested information like recommendations and newsletters to you as soon as possible - nothing. 

Another question? Contact us!

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