Italian menswear brands specially selected for the curious man. For all adventurers on daily basis with an uncompromising eager for quality in their life. Our collection is assembled for individuals with freedom of taste and know what they’re worth. We believe iconic items suit every personal style. The casual background of our store adds Italian effortless chic to a classic wardrobe.

 PORTONOVO – beautiful rocky beach of Ancona – Le Marche

The washed out shades of blue, green and grey of this coast! It inspired me years ago to start a menswear store in the center of Amsterdam in that picturesque neighborhood called The Nine Streets. Having lunch in Portonovo at a table near the sea with a plate full of fresh fish and a bottle of white wine aside. My eye got caught by these local men, dressed in the finest clothes but with this Italian ability to give it a touch of nonchalance. As if they hardly had to think in the morning what to wear and look good anyway. I knew already that the Italian are loyal to their heritage in all aspects of life. And in that choice for tradition a lot of well made products find their base. It taught me that no other lifestyle  was offering so limitless inspiration for a shop. The name had to be PORTONOVO as a tribute to easy living. To take life as it comes with all it’s tides but meanwhile comfort one with choosing the  finest fabrics, most delicious tastes and divine scents. To let yourself be guided by your senses.

PORTONOVO is in the first place a no nonsense store for every man and I invite you to visit us as we will do our outmost to reach your expectations.

I can only hope your experience in our store will be that pleasant as I tried to describe above.

Every season we select you the finest Italian brands of that moment. Most of them reflect somehow nature’s elements in their garments but always have to be uncompromising in elegance and quality. For a glimpse on latest items I would like to refer to our webshop. 

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