Beachwear by RODA At The Beach

"Elegance with an unconventional spirit." 
Founded in 1995 by Luca Roda and characterized by a new and different style, opposed to every form of uniformity. Italian essence inspired by the tastes of English gentlemen. RODA reinterprets the classics of men's wear, liberating them from the obligatory formality of masculine elegance and enshrining them in a line of original and tailored pieces.
The RODA At The Beach collection brings a total look from swimming trunks to t-shirts with a true Summer fun-factor. Wear them as a set or separately in your own personal combo. All pieces have that unique RODA touch, not only in style as well as in quality. Design has been based on a combination of elegance, comfort and technology. The use of SmartDry, a new type of fabric that is a colourful mix of high quality fibers treated with an innovative technology to guarantee a comfortable garment that breathes and dries quickly. 

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