• H953 Knitwear

    'Pensato e prodotto in Italia'

    What's in a name?

    The capital 'H' stands for hunter. With the 'hunt' for fashion trends the brand underlines its attention towards research. As far as the tricot concerns the experience of the team behind H953 goes back to the year 1953.

    Why another knitwear brand?

    Sometimes as a shop-owner you see yourself confronted with an order that shall not be produced for whatever reason. So from pure necessity you're forced to search for a replacement. It means that you'll usually end up with a second choice selection as the season you'll be buying it for has already started. When you are lucky to have a well informed agent that really has heart for the business he'll find you just the pearl you missed for a couple of seasons.

    With H953's desire to express authenticity our new knitwear supplier fits perfectly among our other brands. 

    The crew-neck - an evergreen revisited.

    A traditional classic as the man's sweater is still a quite unexplored subject from a contemporary point of view. H953 considers the sweater, a must in every man's wardrobe, as a transversal, vital and poetic item of clothing.

    To us this Salerno based manufacturer expresses its constant research very well through wearable knitwear in non-conventional designed patterns. 

    Evocative colors and the use of precious yarns blended with minimalism and cleanness give each piece a sophisticated look. Thanks to the tradition and craftsmanship of this company, with its cutting-edge technology, all textiles show an exclusive style. Because each H953 item is made, cared and manufactured in Italy, with Italian processing and materials these people were able to produce us a fine basic collection on such short notice.

    PORTONOVO wishes to follow the true Made in Italy principle more and more.Therefore we chose a relatively unknown brand like H953 to offer you (again) something original in our store.

    With this collection we're ready for the coming winter months! Are you?   

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