• Benvenuti! Welcome! Wilkommen!

    "Benvenuti! Welcome! Wilkommen!", the sign says as you cross the Swiss/Italian border by car. All excitement of arriving at your destination differs with the moment at day or night. Nothing compares a trip by car driving across many different landscapes. See them changing and slowly become aware of another parallel life in different perspective. Somehow you want to become part of that life. Experience the rhythm of the days abroad. Maybe making the new discovered lifestyle a bit of your own and bring some of it home.  To share with your friends and hold on to that happy holiday feel.

    Imagine yourself dreaming at the backseat of the car. Perhaps you prefer to sit in front and put your feet up at the dashboard. Pointing at the things you find beautiful and inspiring, where we definitely have to make a stop.
    Let’s follow our nose. No navigation necessary. Maybe ask around a bit and discover those destinations only to be known when introduced by locals.

    This is my ideal. Somehow sharing the little delights of Italian life and Italian menswear in particular. Starting today!

    PORTONOVO – beautiful rocky beach of Ancona – Le Marche

    The washed out shades of blue, green and grey of this coast! It inspired me years ago to start a menswear store in the center of Amsterdam and one of its most picturesque neighborhoods called The Nine Streets.

    Having lunch in Portonovo at a table near the sea with a plate full of fresh fish and a bottle of white wine aside. The eye got caught by these local men, dressed in the finest clothes but with this Italian ability to give it a touch of nonchalance. As if they hardly had to think in the morning what to wear and look good anyway.

    I knew already that the Italians are loyal to their heritage in all aspects of life. And in that choice for tradition a lot of well made products find their base. It taught me that no other lifestyle was offering so limitless inspiration for a shop. The name had to be Portonovo as a tribute to easy living.

    In the first place the shop Portonovo is a no nonsense spot for every man where some of Italy’s finest casual brands are presented together. It is our pleasure to welcome you at the Singel and from now on onine too!

    Every season we select the highlights of that moment. Most pieces reflect somehow nature’s elements in their garments but always have to be uncompromising in elegance and quality. Specialized in that balance Italian clothing is wearable in many occasions and always a stylish choice.

    For a glimpse on latest items scroll around in our new webshop.

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