• Drew & Co. Designer Bio

    Andrea Andreoli is born and raised in Modena - Italy. After finishing Italian College, he later moves to San Luis Obispo to attend CAL - College and University in the United States.

    He spends over 10 years working as Assistant junior Designer in a Major Design Firm, in Los Angeles at first and then for the same company in late 2005 Andreoli moves to their New York City office.

    Andreoli decides to follow his passion, and returns in 2009 from NYC back to Italy to start his first project in knitwear. With this project he steps into a family tradition: hand made knitwear - his mom's heritage of a true artisan company in the late 60's and 70's...

    In 2011 Andreoli receives a call from Italian Company "LARDINI" to work as consultant in Lardini's Style and Design Dept., with special care for their knitwear program. There working at close contact with co-owner and designer Mr. Luigi Lardini, is an amazing experience that brings profit and success.

    Then in 2013 Andreoli launches his new personal collection called "Drew & Co." - with Drew coming from the nickname people use to call Andreoli in the States.

    The collection begins predominately in knitwear with strong American influence, using a special yarn in the British tradition, to create a clear College version.

    With Drew&Co. Andrea Andreoli has succeeded to design a different collection with all the exciting men's fashion ingredients put into leisure wear.. Not to be missed at Pitti we believe.

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