• Fumagalli - est. 1891 Milano


    The origins of Fumagalli take us back to the year 1850, when the Fumagalli and Pianca weaving mill started operating under the leadership of Germano Fumagalli. On a trip to England Germano had fallen in love with Gauze and decided to start his (own) mill, implanting gauze looms with manual mechanism. In 1891 it was Attilio Fumagalli, driven by the desire to create a high quality product and coming from a family with great textile tradition, initiating the production of ties in gauze and dressing gowns in silk.

    Back in those days it was quite common to pay a visit to the old headquarters in Via Sirtori to get oneself a tie made from Fumagalli gauze. After choosing a design, one could watch the tie being woven and admire the hand stitch finishing as the cloth passed down the hand frame.

    During the years Fumagalli became a well known name for ties and men's accessories in general, not only by extending their offer with fashion items such as bow ties. Many materials were added like the finest silk, wool and shantung. New and historical weaves were introduced, combining British and Italian heritage and styling.

    The Duke of Windsor loved pattern. "Don't worry be coloured!" - Fumagalli slogan

    With 120 years of history now the desire for delivering high quality products has not been changed and production is still 100% hand made in Italy, only using top garments.


    Excellence in gentleman's accessories.

    Sensing a comeback of the gentleman in menswear and a more and more dress-to-the-occasion motivation among men in general, PORTONOVO looked out for a brand to provide a variety in men's accessories. Fumagalli's specialism goes back a long way and their base in the North of Italy made it easy for our team to recognize that specific classic clean style the Milanese well-dressed businessman is known for. To offer this Winter not only ties in different high quality fabrics, we bought also a selection of pocket squares and a wide range of scarfs. With this collection you should be able to find an item (or two) for every occasion, formal as well as informal.

    Roger Moore as James Bond - always dressed to the occasion.



    The collection at PORTONOVO is built up with five fold ties. The Fumagalli range of ties starts with five fold and ends at eleven. The more folds the thicker the tie. It is a very precise job to stitch the tie in the way that is does justice to the amount of folds. The specialist's craftmanship is recognized in those details.

    Fumagalli five fold tie - the more folds, the thicker your tie.

    To make it easier for you to get a good full knot (whatever personal favorite one you might have) we chose to pick lined ties. Among them you'll fined 100%cashmere, silk or virgin wool ones, all in contemporary yet timeless patterns.


    Pocket squares.

    Instead of or in combination with a tie wear a pocket square once a while. Why not please your audience? They come in many fabrics suitable for a winter's day. Adding a little dandy-esque elegance to your outfit can light up your personal style this season! 

    Around the time of their anniversary Fumagalli designed a new housestyle to celebrate the brand's heritage.
    PORTONOVO sells the fun daisy print in a 100% silk pocket square.


    The scarf is an accessory you can never have enough of to our opinion. Fumagalli is a brand which respects classics but has definitely an eye for fashion too. This season's trends are all represented from macro design in heavy virgin wool to double face paisley in finest silk and wool.

    This season's trends are all represented. 


    The classic 100% cashmere scarf is an all time favorite but for the rebel in you Fumagalli provides a mod style plaid check in a boiled wool blend. Nice to go with a biker jacket on your Vespa or Lambretta!

    "What are you rebelling against, Johnny?" - "What do you got?"
    Marlon Brando in The Wild One - 1953.


    Whatever item you give yourself or another, it is always a piece that comes from the love for tradition and history, produced for men around the world by the keepers of Italian heritage in excellent men's accessories - Fumagalli.

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