• Drew & Co. Designer Bio

    Andrea Andreoli is born and raised in Modena - Italy. After finishing Italian College, he later moves to San Luis Obispo to attend CAL - College and University in the United States.

    He spends over 10 years working as Assistant junior Designer in a Major Design Firm, in Los Angeles at first and then for the same company in late 2005 Andreoli moves to their New York City office.

  • Never lost sight of its hardy roots.


    Over the past years a renewed appreciation and interest for the British tailoring tradition can be noticed. That combined with the re-interpretation of industrial clothing heritage made us once again fall for the true iconic pieces from across the Canal. In Italian sportswear it's not uncommon that with the development of a collection various archives of military or naval dress regulations are consulted. To bring an authentic tribute to Britain's classics in our store, made the choice for outerwear brand Gloverall, with their origin in the Second World War, more than logic to us. 
  • "All I ever wanted was a world without maps."

    This season's inspiration for our accessory collection comes from the epic movie The English Patient shot in Tunisia and Italy, with actor Ralph Fiennes as count László Almásy - the Hungarian cartographer who was mapping the Sahara as part of a royal geographical society archaeological and surveying expedition in Egypt and Libya.

    The dusty surroundings of the desert. The refreshing breeze in the shadow of a palm tree. Our Fumagalli 1891 ties come in textured weaves like (wild) silk, linen and washed cotton. These are pieces for a distinct adventure; to explore your style and be tempted to choose beyond the boundaries of common. Go for elegant this Summer holiday!

  • Taking care of your wardrobe

    Resolutions for the new year could have become dusty by now, but it's never too late to start building up good cleaning habits to have a fulfilling long term relation with the wardrobe you've invested in. 
  • Camiceria MAZZARELLI - Italian artisan culture

    The story began in 1960 at Castellana Grotte - province of Bari, where the father of Domenico Mazzarelli, opened his artisan workshop specialized in top quality men's shirts. Marino Mazzarelli was a parachutist in the Second World War. He loved shirts.

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